Sunday, 3 July 2011

In Between

In Between by Phillip & Anthony Reed
9th July - 16th July, Tuesday- Saturday, 10am - 4pm

Private view on Friday 8th July, 6-8pm with Sonic Performance by Geoff Leigh & Nick Weekes at 7pm.

In Between is a photographic collaboration between Phillip Reed based in London and his identical twin brother Anthony Reed who lives and works in China. Phillip & Anthony Reed examine how the Internet and emerging platforms like Flickr are affecting the way in which work is being produced.

Phillip and Anthony use Skype in order to keep in touch with each other. More interestingly emerging image based platforms have allowed us to maintain a continual visual exchanging of ideas despite living thousands of miles apart, something that would have been hard to conceive of just 10 years ago.

To utilise the creative potential of such platforms they decided to set up a website dedicated to this visual dialogue. Throughout the duration of the project photographs are uploaded chronologically and paired together, the pairs are decided by factors such as the time between each image being taken and the visual coherence between the two.
Emphasis is placed upon ideas and concepts being exchanged through the imagery. The environment you grow up in plays a fundamental role in shaping how you come to perceive the world. Having grown up together, they react and respond visually to the very different environments they now both inhabit.

In Between touches on many issues, it also acts as a cross cultural examination of two locations for who environmental, historical, political and geographical factors have all culminated in the development of richly different ideas, languages and values. Presenting a desire to understand their environment and to explore how it exerts it’s influence upon the experience of the individual.